Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy belated New Year to all our kittens and their loving families :)  Here at Windy Acres we have gone through a number of new experiences in the last month or so that has led us to a cross-roads and the future of Windy Acres is uncertain.  I will keep you posted, but at this time we have no plans for future breedings.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to everyone from us at Windy Acres!  We've had a wonderful year, with Odetta and Noko's litter of 9 beautiful babies.  A big hug from us to all our kittens' amazing new families - you are all doing such a superb job of taking care of them. 

I recently discovered Crafty Sewn Gifts, an Ontario home-based business run by Brenda, who makes beautiful pet beds.  We've ordered one for our girls for Christmas and also one for Murlyka's cats as a small thank you for taking care of Odetta while she was on her "date" with Noko.  I love the fish bed, but there are other styles to choose from, and you can mix and match your own pattern combos.  She also does custom orders, and best of all, they're all washable!  Here's a picture of ours (on the left) and Murlyka's (on the right) and a link to her website so you can check it out :)

Until next time,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A litter kittens in their new homes...

It's nearing the end of 2010!  I can't believe how fast it has all gone.  It seems like just yesterday that the kittens were born and now they are all settled into their new homes with their wonderful new families.  I'm sure that they will all be spoiled this Christmas, as our Anna and Odetta will certainly be :)

Here are some pictures of our lovelies in their new homes...  thanks, everyone, for the pictures!

Cosmo (formerly Anton) playing and relaxing in his new home.

Andrei (now Nelson) relaxing and cuddling.

Aleksei (now Oberon) and Annika (now Isadore) being beautiful, content Siberians.

Alex (Aleksandr) enjoying the view and sleeping in his cozy bed.

Arina (now Mishka) cuddling in the coolest bed I've ever seen!

Our Anna Banana  in our home and with her mom, Odetta.  Odetta has gotten wise and refuses to look at me when I take pictures :)  Silly girl :)

Just a small reminder - if you or anyone you know are interested in a kitten for the spring, please get your name on my or Diane's (Murlyka ) waitlist.  I plan on one litter, and Diane plans on three.  Kittens are spoken for quickly, so get your name on the list now!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kittens In Flight

As I write, I am preparing two crates for three kittens to travel to Vancouver.  Two of their siblings left early (very early!) this morning and are already settling in in their new homes.  The first left on Monday, and the last two travel next Tuesday.... so in a very short time it will only be Odetta, Anastasia and us.  

Friday, November 5, 2010

12 weeks!

I can't believe they're 12 weeks already!  It's gone by so very fast.  All 8 of the available kittens have found a home and we are so very excited for them to experience their new families.  I know some of you have been waiting patiently for pictures, so when I got my new flash home tonight, I took some pictures right away :)  Enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010


We have officially passed the 9 week mark, and the kittens have turned our house into Kittenpalooza!  There are kittens checking out the dishwasher, under the beds, the dog bowls, the toy boxes.... well, pretty much everything!  We are going to miss their antics so much when they leave in less than a month... but we are very excited for their new families to enjoy them.

As of yesterday, all but one of the kittens has a new home.  Anton is the only one left, so if you were interested, now would be the time to speak up :)  If you are still thinking on your decision, or aren't quite ready, we are taking names for our wait-list for the spring.

Here are some pictures from our farm recently - enjoy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New pictures... 8.5 weeks!

I have some new pictures - hope you enjoy them!


Aleksei (l) and Anton (r)