Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kitty in the Hood

Kayla was cuddling with a kitty one day... and it crawled into her hoody.  Here's a few fun pics -

Group and Odetta shots

Since I have such a great connection today, I thought you might like to see some group shots and one or two of Odetta :)

Attempting the group shot.....

"Is this where you want us?"

Oh boy....

Success!  (sort of :)

Man, was that a lot of work....


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

8? No, there's Annika too! Annika is going to live with Jessica and Todd in Edmonton, AB

Annika is Arina's best friend, and for a long time we called them "The Twins" because they did everything together.  Now that they're older, it's much easier to tell them apart, but they still love being together.  Annika is not nearly as vocal as her brother, Aleksandr, but when she is - you can't mistake her!  She loves to stick as close to her mom as possible.

and finally, Andrei. Andrei is going to live with Brittany and Steve in Surrey, BC.

Last, but by no means least, is our big boy, Andrei.  When he was born, he was clearly bigger than his littermates, and has kept the title of "Big Boy" to this day.  He is the most calm, content and laid-back boy - we think he takes after his Dad, Noko, in that respect.

Anastasia - Anastasia is staying with us.

Anastasia is the other classic tabby, and the girl we have decided to keep for evaluation as a possible future Queen for Windy Acres.  We hope to show her in the new year.

Anton - Anton is available.

Anton is our little fox-faced boy, and is always up to some antic or another.  He most likely will be a late-bloomer, and will grow into his features a little while down the road, as some Siberians do.

Arina - Arina is going to live with Zuzana and her family in Tsawwassen, BC.

Arina seems to be the most laid-back of the 4 girls.  She is very similar to her sister, Annika and prefers to be as close to her mom as possible.

Aleksei - Aleksei is going to live with Jessica and Todd in Edmonton, AB

What can I say about Aleksei?  He is a sweetheart who loves to visit his people friends as much as he loves playing with his siblings and mom's tail.  Aleksei is always watching what is going on, taking it all in.  He is a little smaller than some of his brothers.