Monday, October 18, 2010


We have officially passed the 9 week mark, and the kittens have turned our house into Kittenpalooza!  There are kittens checking out the dishwasher, under the beds, the dog bowls, the toy boxes.... well, pretty much everything!  We are going to miss their antics so much when they leave in less than a month... but we are very excited for their new families to enjoy them.

As of yesterday, all but one of the kittens has a new home.  Anton is the only one left, so if you were interested, now would be the time to speak up :)  If you are still thinking on your decision, or aren't quite ready, we are taking names for our wait-list for the spring.

Here are some pictures from our farm recently - enjoy!

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  1. Wow
    Glad to hear that all but Anton is spoken for!
    That's a lot of kittens placed.